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CT scanners used to look inside Mesopotamian clay balls

Archaeologists are employing the use of CT scanners and 3D modellers to look inside Mesopotamian clay balls dating back 5,500 years. The clay balls may represent the world's "very first data storage system," at least the first that scientists know of, said Christopher Woods, a professor at the University of Chicago's

Iraqis displaced by war set up homes on archaeological sites

Thousands of Iraqis who lost their owns in the war have set up new homes on various archaeological sites in southern Iraq. With violence ebbing, Iraqi and international archaeologists are again excavating and repairing the country’s historic sites. But they are running into a problem: thousands of Iraqis have taken up

Ancient Mesopotamian riddles translated

A 3,500-year-old clay tablet found in southern Mesopotamia contains ancient riddles written in the Akkadian language. Thanks to the diligence of some researchers, they have now been translated. Two of the riddles, now in a fragmentary state, are sexual, crude and difficult to understand. One of them, whose translation is uncertain, reads: The

Ubaid period artifacts found in Syria

Artifacts dating between 5,500 - 4,000 B.C. have been found in Northern Syria. Archaeologists have embarked on excavations in northern Syria expected to widen and deepen understanding of a prehistoric culture in Mesopotamia that set the stage for the rise of the world’s first cities and states and the invention

150,000-year-old settlement found in Northern Iraq

The remains of a 150,000-year-old settlement has been found in Arbil, north Iraq. It is, so far, the oldest uncovered settlement found in that part of Mesopotamia. The archaeologists revealed a high number of items, mainly prehistoric stone tools, about nine metres under the ground in Arbil, capital of

Ancient Iraqi stone head paired with replica body

A 4,000-year-old stone head from Mesopotamia has been matched up with a replica body. The head from the Akkadian Empire, unearthed by Iraqi archaeologists in 1982, has been united with a replica of a headless torso discovered over a century ago, Baghdad Museum curator Mohsen Hassan Ali told AFP. The replica of