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Staffordshire hoard valued at $5.4 million

The Staffordshire hoard has been valued at a whopping $5.4 million. The money will be split between metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert, who found the hoard, and Fred Johnson, who owns the farm where it was discovered. Mr Johnson said he had not made any plans for the money but did not

Amateur metal detectorist finds $1.7 million worth of Iron Age gold

An amateur treasure hunter in Scotland has found four Iron Age necklaces worth $1.7 million dollars. David Booth, 35, bought the £240 detector online because he thought it “might be fun” to look for treasure and struck gold just five days after it was delivered. The safari park warden parked his car

Huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found by amateur treasure hunter

The largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure found in the UK has been discovered buried beneath a field in Staffordshire. [Thx Cineblogywood] Experts said the collection of 1,500 gold and silver pieces, which may date to the 7th Century, was unparalleled in size and worth at least £1m [US$1.62m]. It has been declared

First-time treasure hunter unearths 10,000 Roman coins

An amateur metal detecting enthusiast has unearthed 10,000 Roman coins on his first ever treasure hunt. The silver and bronze 'nummi' coins, dating from between 240AD and 320AD, were discovered in a farmer's field near Shrewsbury, in Shropshire, last month. Finder Nick Davies, 30, was on his first treasure hunt when he

Housewife finds $400,000 15-century treature with metal detector

A metal-detector hobbyist in Hertfordshire has found a 500-year-old treaure, part of a reliquary or pendant, worth over $400,000. Under the Treasure Act of 1996, finders must report potential treasure such as gold and silver objects more than 300 years old. Finders are offered the market value for their discoveries which

Britain’s “Metal Detectorists”

Hobbyist treasure hunters in Britain report tens of thousands of finds a year, from Bronze Age axes, Roman brooches and hairpins to medieval candlesticks and swords. "It's such a thrill when I find something -- and I often do," Eveleigh said as he listened to the steady beeps of his metal detector.