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Gold Cupid ring found in England

A gold ring engraved with the image of Cupid has been found by an amateur metal detectorist in England. In the engraving, Cupid (also known by his Greek name, "Eros") is shown standing completely nude while holding a torch with one hand. The ring dates back around 1,700 years, to a

Metal detectorist finds Iron Age helmet

A metal detector enthusiast has uncovered a rare Iron Age bronze helmet on some farmland near Canterbury in England. "The owner of this helmet, or the people who placed it in the grave, may have lived through the very beginning of the story of Roman Britain." Dr Steven Willis, senior lecturer in

14th century seal found on Isle of Man

A metal detectorist on the Isle of Man has uncovered a 14th century seal in a field. Andy Falconer made the "once in a life time discovery" when out searching with fellow treasure hunter Rob Farrer. The 47-year-old said: "I had no idea what it was at first but when I showed

Beachcombers loot original Fort Lauderdale

Archaeologists are worried that beachcombers have looted valuable artifacts from the original Fort Lauderdale, built during the Second Seminole War. Although there are two signs marking the area as the site of a fort built by Maj. William Lauderdale during the Second Seminole War, there are no signs warning visitors not

Metal detectorist finds medieval badge in field

A rare medieval badge depicting one of St. Ursula's companions was uncovered by a metal detecting enthusiast in Lancashire. The badge will now be put on display in the British Museum. King, a member of the South Ribble metal detecting club, found the silver plaque at the end of April in

Metal detectorists fine-tune English history

The Guardian has posted an interesting article about metal detecting in England and how the artifacts found by metal detector enthusiasts is changing our understanding of how England was invaded and settled. MacGregor recently presented the successful Radio 4 series, A History of the World in 100 Objects. The report shows that

Army barracks located at 19th century Oregon fort

Metal detectors and ground-penetrating radar have been employed to pinpoint the location of army barracks at Fort Klamath in Oregon. "It's a pretty exciting moment," said Todd Kepple, Klamath County Museums manager. "No trace of this building was visible for the 44 years the county has owned this property. We had

7-year-old unearths Civil War sword

After being giving a metal detector for his seventh birthday, Lucas Hall unearthed a Civil War sword buried under six inches of soil in Virginia. Gary Crawford, president of the Kernstown Battlefield Association, examined a picture of the sword. He believes it is a light cavalry sabre model 1840 or