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Metal bird found at Bamburgh Castle in England

A small copper-alloy bird has been found at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, England. It is fascinating that the new image appears to hark back in time to the bird of prey motifs of the 6th and 7th centuries AD and could represent a descendant of these earlier styles just as the

1,000-year-old iron-smelting furnace found in Cambodia

An Angkor-era iron-smelter has been found in Preah Vihear province, Cambodia. “The way that we think they built them is that they constructed the furnaces out of clay: They smelt the iron and then, to extract the bloom, they had to break down the walls,” Mr. Hendrickson said on Saturday. Indications are

Ancient glass workshop found in Poland

A glass and metal workshop dating back 2,000 years has been found in south-central Poland. There is little evidence that glass was produced and processed in prehistory in the Polish territory. This type of activity flourished only in the Middle Ages. "Therefore, our findings are very important" - emphasised leader of

6,000-year-old lead object uncovered in Israel

A lead object which dates back 6,000 years is being call the oldest-known evidence of smelted lead in the Levant. The artifact, which looks like something between an ancient wand and a tiny sword, suggests that people in Israel's northern Negev desert learned how to smelt lead during the Late Chalcolithic,

Celtic metal workshops excavated in France

Archaeologists are working to excavate Celtic metal workshops at a fortified settlement in central France. The aim of the excavation is to identify the building layout north of the main road in the area adjacent to the main gate of the oppidum. To date, archaeologists were able to identify workshops of

Recreating copper artifacts

Researchers from Northwestern University have recreated copper artifacts using the same techniques Native American coppersmiths used 600 years ago. To date, researchers had only found evidence of wine production in the region. Bouby and team analysed three samples of sediment from excavations carried out in the 1990s. One sample was taken

Over 500 artifacts found at Bazgir Tappeh in Iran

Over 500 ancient artifacts, dating back nearly 1,800 years, have been found at Bazir Tappeh in northeastern Iran. “Ruins of a large Parthian castle built of 37x37 centimetre mud bricks, which are similar to ruins previously discovered at the Turang Tappeh and the Narges Tappeh, have also been unearthed in the

1,700-year-old lead coffin found near Rome

An unusual sheet-metal coffin, made from a 360kg slab of lead, has been unearthed just outside Rome. [Thx Kristen] The gravesite at Gabii, a once-thriving city-state located about 20 kilometres from the centre of old Rome, is prompting speculation by experts that a great gladiator, beloved bishop or some other