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Decorated human jaw found in Mexico

A 1,300-year-old carved and painted human jaw has been found at a Zapotec site in southern Mexico. When archaeologists excavated the complex, they found that it had been inhabited for at least 400 years. "We think that these residences were occupied by a series of families that were related to each

Aztec skull rack found in Mexico

A massive skull rack built between 1485-1502 has been unearthed at Templo Mayor in Mexico City. Racks known as “tzompantli” were where the Aztecs displayed the severed heads of sacrifice victims on wooden poles pushed through the sides of the skull. The poles were suspended horizontally on vertical posts. Eduardo Matos, an

Subterranean river found underneath Mexican pyramid

A subterranean river has been found 20 metres beneath El Castillo, the main Maya pyramid at Chichén Itzá. Geophysics expert Rene Chavez said on Thursday that the underground river chamber is naturally covered by rock. Such underground rivers often connect the open cenotes, or sinkhole lakes, that dot Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. The

Yucatan struck by Tsunami 1,500 years ago

New evidence suggests the Yucatan Peninsula may have been hit by multiple tsunamis between 1,500 to 900 years ago. There are several lines of evidence for an ancient tsunami, foremost a large, wedge-shaped berm about 15 feet above sea level paved with washing machine-sized stones, said the researchers. Set back in

Pre-Hispanic mortuary bundle found in Mexico

A mortuary bundle containing the remains of a young adult has been found in a rock shelter in Mexico's Sierra Gorda region. Toxtle Farfan added that the finding is not a mummy, because it would still conserve bland tissue, as skin, muscles and tendons, whereas these remains do not. The only

1,600-year-old shaft tomb excavated in Mexico

A shaft tomb dating back 1,600 years has been excavated in southern Zacatecas, Mexico. An interesting aspect about it was that most of the skeletons were displayed in an extended manner, expect for a character placed in fetal position. This evidently signals there were at least two moments of activity in

Shaman figure found guarding shaft tomb in Mexico

A 1,500-year-old shaman sculpture holding a weapon has been found guarding the entrance of a crypt in Villa de Alverez, Mexico. It is unusual to find one of the statues intact as many have fallen victim to tomb raiders over the centuries. The sculpture has a long face and holds a weapon

16th century burials unearthed in Mexico

The remains of 7 people, mostly children, buried in the 16th century have been uncovered near Zacatecas, Mexico. “Five of the burials belong to children approximately between one and five years of age”, added the archeologist Marco Antonio Santos Ramirez. The interesting part, added the director of the Archeological Project Las Ventanas,