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Trade silver found at colonial fort in Michigan

A 250-year-old piece of trade silver has been found at the site of a fur-traders home in Colonial Michilimackinac in Michigan. According to Dr. Lynn Evans, curator of archaeology at Mackinac State Historic Parks, the triangle-shaped artifact has a small hole in it, which means it was likely part of an

Colonial-era lock found in Michigan

A brass lock which may be 250 years old has been unearthed in Michigan. Staff at the historic fort and trading post in Mackinaw City discovered the intact, 2.75-inch long and 2.25-inch wide brass artifact while excavating a fur trader's home on the site. Lynn Evans, curator of archaeology at Mackinac State

Butchered mammoth remains unearthed in Michigan

The butchered remains of a mammoth who lived between 11,700-15,000 years ago has been found in a farmer's field in Michigan. "We think that humans were here and may have butchered and stashed the meat so that they could come back later for it," said Fisher, director of the U-M Museum

11,000-year-old Mammoth tooth found on Michigan golf course

An 11,000-year-old tooth belonging to a woolly mammoth has been found on a golf course in Michigan by a grounds crew worker. "I would have tossed it in a rock pile," says Charlie Riley, 58, who's also the club pro. But Walker had seen a plaster cast of a mammoth tooth