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Calusa artifacts found in 1,000-year-old midden

Rare Clausa artifacts have been found in a waterlogged midden in Florida that dates back 1,000 years. "These ark shells they used to weight down their gill nets and their seine nets, with the knots still tied — that’s the kind of preservation we’re getting. In addition to that, we’re getting

Remains of Iron Age pork feast found in Wales

An analysis of animals bones found at a prehistoric feasting site in Wales has revealed that pork, specifically the right forequarters of the animals, was heavily featured on the menu. "Surprisingly, nearly 80% of the animal remains at Llanmaes were from pigs, at a time when sheep and cattle were the

Natural pearl found in 2,000-year-old shell midden

A natural marine pearl which dates back 2,000 years has been found in a shell midden in Australia. “Pearls have not been recovered before from ancient sites in Australia. Since the find is unique, analysis could not damage or take samples from any portion of the pearl, so researchers from UOW

6,000-year-old settlement hints at tsunami

Researchers working at one of the oldest settlements in Ireland have uncovered a shellfish midden containing a mysterious black layer of organic material which may be evidence of a Stone Age tsunami. Radiocarbon dating of a shellfish midden on Fanore Beach in north Clare have revealed it to be at least

The archaeological value of garbage

CNN has posted an interesting article about the value of sifting through ancient trash to find archaeological gold. "I think almost all civilizations recycled in one way or another," Meadow said, explaining that ancient peoples across the world would recycle organic matter as fuel, while inorganic refuse would be used to

Peru’s Ica Valley was once a fertile floodplain

Analysis of ancient middens in Peru's Ica Valley has revealed that in the past, the desert was actually a fertile floodplain. People were able to raise a variety of crops there for several centuries. But intensive agriculture in pre-conquest times led to ecosystem collapse. The history of the land was recently

Everglade tree islands may be ancient rubbish heaps

The tree islands that dot the Florida Everglades may have originally been garbage mounds left behind by prehistoric humans. Scientists have thought for many years that the so-called fixed tree islands (a larger type of tree island frequently found in the Everglades' main channel, Shark River Slough) developed on protrusions from

Oil spill threatens prehistoric sites

That crazy gulf coast oil spill is theatening prehistoric archaeolgical sites along the Gulf Coast. Noel Stowe said there are about 1,000 sites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, many of which have never been explored. Similar sites are in other Gulf Coast states, he said. The sites, called shell middens,