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Genetic study sheds light on early European farmer migration

A new genetic study has linked Neolithic farmers in Spain, Germany and Hungary to farmers in Greece and Anatolia. Joachim Burger, one of the study's authors, said genetic analyses of the samples showed that the ancient farmers in central Europe and Spain were more closely related to the Aegean group than

3,000 people made up population of first Australians

New research suggests that approximately 3,000 people, more than originally thought, made up the founding population of Australia. To determine the head count in Australia's founding population, Williams compiled the most complete estimate to date of the continent's prehistoric population. He turned to a database of 5000 cooking pits, human burials,

Human migration into Pacific wiped out birds

Researchers are estimating that 1,000 species of bird were wiped out when humans migrated into the Pacific region. The first humans to settle the Pacific islands left a wave of extinct bird species in their wake. But gaps in the fossil record make it difficult to determine just how massive the

Stone tools reveal human migration into Arabia

Stone tools discovered in Oman suggests that humans migrated up into Arabia tens of thousands of years earlier than initially believed. In a climate like Arabia's, desert winds and sand erode all but the strongest materials. "Everything breaks down," Rose says, "but rocks don't." The trick, he says, "is squeezing information

Humans reached Persian gulf 50,000 years earlier than thought

A cache of stone tools which date back 125,000 years has been found in the United Arab Emirates, prompting an investigation in to whether humans migrated out of Africa via a shallow Red Sea. [Thx Laine!] The team’s research, published in Science, posits that the area’s climate had a role in

Found: The oldest modern human outside of Africa

A fossilized human jawbone is the oldest modern human remains found outside of Africa. The mandible, unearthed by paleontologists in China's Zhiren Cave in 2007, sports a distinctly modern feature: a prominent chin. But the bone is undeniably 60,000 years older than the next oldest Homo sapiens remains in China,

Migration to Americas from variety of places

Analysis of some of the oldest remains found in the Americans suggest that early migrants to the hemisphere came from a variety of locations. Anthropologists had long believed humans migrated to the Americas in a relatively short period from a limited area in northeast Asia across a temporary land corridor

Humans arrive in Britain a million years ago

Stone tools found in Norfolk, England, show that early humans arrived in Britain close to a million years ago. This raises the possibility that these early Britons may have been among the first humans to use fire to keep warm. They may also have been some of the earliest humans