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19th-century military trench found in New Zealand

A 19th-century military trench was uncovered by road workers in New Zealand. "We expected to find kumara and fire pits and we have an authority from Heritage New Zealand for the works, but we did not expect to see something like this. "This could be nationally significant so it's important that we

Remains of Roman military camp found in Germany

Archaeologists working in central Germany have unearthed a Roman military camp that held up to 5,000 troops. “People have been searching for evidence of the Romans in this part of Germany for 200 years,” says team leader Mario Kuessner, an archaeologist working for the state of Thuringia. “It took a long

The oldest Roman military fortification in Germany

Archaeologists working in Germany have uncovered the oldest Roman military fortification yet found in the country. These findings shed new light on the Roman conquest of Gaul. The camp was presumably built during Julius Caesars' Gallic War in the late 50s B.C. Nearby lies a late Celtic settlement with monumental fortifications

Scotland has more Roman camps than any other European country

Scotland has traces of at least 225 Roman military camps, more than any other European country. Archeologists have been mapping Roman sites in Scotland since the 18th century, and aerial surveys began in the 1920s. Now remote sensing technology featured in TV programmes such as Time Team can detect ancient features

Scans from Italian Renaissance sketchbook featuring military art

Check out this incredible Italian sketchbook containing sketches showing Renaissance military information. This unique Italian sketchbook includes more than 200 highly detailed sketches and provides valuable insights into design and construction principles of Renaissance fortresses; siege and storm tactics of the era; guns development and gunnery intricacies; handling of the heavy