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WWI mines found on Welsh Beach

A woman foraging for seaweed on a beach in Wales stumbled across a collection of mines that date back to the First World War. She had gone to the beach on Wednesday to collect seaweed but said the sea was too rough. "When I turned around and headed back up the beach

Mexican silver found in 16th-century English coins

A chemical analysis of the composition of coins struck during the 1550s in England have revealed that some of the silver originated in Mexican mines. Minerals such as gold and silver contain a chemical fingerprint of where they were born, for instance in the composition of copper and lead that appear

Tracing the origins of ancient coins

By bombarding ancient Greek and Roman coins with subatomic particles to determine their metallic makeup, researchers are able to pinpoint exactly where the metal was mined from. "As we learn more about the artifact we come to understand the coin itself a little better. And the other shoe to

Oldest mine in the Americas found in Chile

An iron oxide mine date back 12,000 years has been found in Chile, making it the oldest mine yet found in the Americas. The iron oxide mined by the Huentelauquen Indians was used as a pigment in dying cloth and in religious rituals, revealing an unexpected sophistication in what was

Thieves ravage historic mines

Thieves have been stealing massive iron objects from some of California's historic mines due to high prices for scrap metal. In the past two years, thefts of iron objects have been reported at four historic mine sites in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties, as well as from two historic buildings in downtown

Wreckage from British WWII-era warship found in Corfu Channel

Pieces of a British warship that was damaged by Albanian mines in 1946 have been found in the Corfu Channel. The wreckage was found 50 yards (meters) under water in the Corfu Channel between the Albanian mainland and the Greek island of Corfu. It is believed to be a section of