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Radiocarbon dating reveals Central Alps were mined 4,000 years ago

New radiocarbon dates have revealed that people were mining the Central Alps in Austria as early as the middle Bronze Age. Mining in the Alps dates back much further than previously thought - in the Austrian region of Montafon since the Bronze Age. Thanks to C14 dating, a group of researchers

Mining plans threaten earliest human settlements in the Amazon

An iron ore mining operation is threatening the Amazonian caves of Carajàs, which contain some of the earliest human settlements in the Amazon.   Almost anywhere else, these caves would be preserved as an invaluable source of knowledge into prehistoric human history. But not in this remote corner of the Amazon, where

Indian mining operation uncovers 3,500-year-old burial urns

A mining operation in India has uncovered a vast urn-burial site which dates back 3,500 years. The site, however, has been ravaged by quarrying for blue-metal. Earth-movers have sliced the big urns and smashed into pieces ritual pottery, bowls and terracotta plates inside the urns. Quarrying has reduced the site to small

Hard cash vs. heritage in Afghanistan

Time Magazine has posted an interesting article examining the debate in Afghanistan between harvesting the country's resources and protecting it's herritage. Many in Afghanistan hold that the country's future lies underground, in vast mineral deposits with the potential to boost the country's economy for decades. Nowhere is that more true than

Mining operation uncovers aboriginal remains in Australia

Three sets of ancient remains have been found in a remote region of Australia. This is where our most important law men were buried,'' said Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Michael Woodley, a senior law man and respected tribal elder. He led healing ceremonies for his people near one burial cave

Mining destroys ancient Buddhist caves

Four ancient Buddhist caves have been demolished during mining activities in India. Amid reports that the four caves, located around 3 kms from here, were destroyed during the routine mining activity of the Mana Opencast Mines of Western Coalfields Limited on Wednesday, District Collector Vijay Waghmare said WCL "had not obtained

14 months before miners destroy Afghan monasteries

Archaeologists in Afghanistan are scrambling to collect artifacts from 5th century Buddhist monasteries before miners destroy them to dig for copper. Sometime soon, perhaps in as little as 14 months, the sprawling, 9,800-acre Mes Aynak site will be crushed by Chinese bulldozers hunting for copper — a clear choice of economic

Copper mining threatens ancient monastery

A mining operation in Afghanistan is threatening to destroy a 1,400-year-old Buddhist monastery. The monks settled here because there was copper in the ground; it was part of a Buddhist kingdom. This was a way-station on the Silk Road, the route that would take Buddhism from India to Tibet, and beyond