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Bones of hunted Bison found in Minnesota lake

The bones of Bison with cut marks on them have been found at the bottom of Lake Victoria in Minnesota. The large quantity of bones were the remains of a Native American kill site, Mather believed, where people had killed and processed the bison for food, tools and weaponry. No skulls were

Prehistoric campsite found in Minnesota

A prehistoric campsite, dating back between 800-1400 A.D. has been found in Minnesota’s Spring Lake Park Reserve. To the 1950s collection already at the Science Museum, they added stone flakes -- evidence of tool making -- and projectile points, more commonly known as arrowheads. They also found bits of

500-5,000-year-old woman’s remains found in Minnesota

The remains of a woman dating between 500 to 5,000 years ago has been found at a construction site in Avon, Minnesota. The remains didn’t include a complete skull or a full set of teeth, which can help determine ethnic origin, Anfinson said. But there were clues: A number of her teeth

Native American burial grounds

Minnesota's Star Tribune has an interesting article about Scott Anfinson, an archaeologist who is responsible for authenticating Native American burial grounds in the state. State Archaeologist Scott Anfinson said that while lawsuits are not common, clashes between development and burial sites consume virtually all of his time. It's his job to