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Bronze mirror mold found in Japan

A fragment of an ancient mold used to produce bronze mirrors that was found here predates any other artifacts linked to mirror production in Japan by up to 200 years. The mold fragment dates to around 200 B.C. and was found during an archaeological dig at the Sugu Takauta ruins in

2,000-year-old mirror workshop found in China

A Han Dynasty mirror workshop has been found at the ancient city of Linzi in eastern China. According to Bai Yunxiang, deputy director of the archaeological institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, over 100 stone moulds, as well as foundry pits, wells and blastpipes have been unearthed at the

Bronze mirror found in China

An ancient mirror made of bronze has been found with pottery and an axe in northwest China. The mirror was discovered after local residents dug up soil near a Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) tomb while trying to install electrical cables, according to archaeologists from the Fengxiang County Museum. The

Ancient bronze mirrors unearthed in Japan

331 broken pieces belong to 81 ancient bronze mirrors have been unearthed from a stone chamber in Sakurai, Japan. The pieces, which belonged to 13 different kinds of mirrors, were the largest number to be excavated as burial items from an ancient tomb in the nation. The tomb dates to between