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Remains of 18th century Italian missionary found in Japan

The 18th century remains of three people, including what is believed to be the remains of an Italian Jesuit preist have been found in Japan. “It is the first time we’ve found a near match of the bones of a foreign missionary,” said Waseda University professor Akio Tanigawa. “This is an

17th-century church footprint and artifacts found in Florida

The large footprint of a 17th-century church, as well as other artifacts, have been found near the Ocklawaha River in Florida. Work is slow and complicated because — as the mission was founded about 1627 and likely lasted until the Timucuan Rebellion of 1656 — nothing remains of the 350-year-old site

Descendants of cannibals apologise for eating missionary 170 years ago

The descendants of a tribe of cannibals in the South Pacific have apologised to a British man for eating his great-great grandfather. The meal they were apologising for was his great-great grandfather, the Reverend John Williams, who was killed on the island of Erromango, now part of Vanuatu, 170 years ago. Williams,