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1850s bathroom to be preserved

A bathroom which dates back to the 1850s has been dissembled from a plantation in Mississippi in order to reassemble it in a mansion in the Natchez National Historical Park. Jeff Mansell, historian for NPS, said the bathroom is one of less than 20 antique bathrooms like it left in the country. He

Native American burial ground found in Mississippi

A Native American burial ground dating back to the 1300s has been found in Mississippi, delaying a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction project. Chris Koeppel, a Corps environmental section team leader and archaeologist, said he and his team, which includes the archaeology firm Panamerican Consultants, found preserved remains, stone

900-year-old figurine found in Illinois

A 900-year-old figurine of a kneeling woman was found in southwestern Illinois during the construction of a new bridge across the Mississippi River. If just one more shovel of earth had been removed, the curious figurine of a kneeling woman carved about 900 years ago might have ended up in

Mapping the course of the Mississippi river over millennia

Check out this wonderful map showing the course of the Mississippi river over millennia. Harold N. Fisk's 1944 monumental tome on nature at its most mundane and sublime is, amazingly, available online and free. Landscape architects in every specialty have much to glean from it, not the least of which