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2,200-year-old moat found in Spain

A moat dating back 2,200 years has been by students working in Tarragona, Spain. Within the practical work of the degree, about one hundred students carried out field walking, with metal detectors, aerial photography and geophysical surveys. Results obtained from one of the techniques —the electrical tomography— showed some soil anomalies.

Cardiff Castle’s moat excavated

Archaeologists have completed an excavation in Cardiff Castle's outer western moat where they have uncovered 3,000 artifacts. Artefacts including engraved leather items, a sword sheath, what appears to be Venetian glass as well as pewter spoon and clay tobacco pipe fragments have been uncovered during the recent excavations. The high-status pieces give

18th century cannons found in castle moat to be restored

Six cannons found in the moat surrounding Kurassaare Castle in Estonia are set to get the restorative treatment. The preliminary restoration work is currently underway and, according to Peets, there is even a chance that three of the guns may become functional, wrote Meie Maa. The cannons, currently lined up in front

14th century moat excavated at Fulham Palace

A moat which dates back to 1392 is being excavated at Fulham Palace after being filled in with garbage in the 1920s. A council spokesman said the moat was filled in with builders' debris during the 1920s by Fulham Council at the request of the Bishop of London who lived in

Castle moats: More than just defense

Two new studies are revealing that castle moats had more than just defensive functions. Over 2,000 years ago, residents of at least one royal palace enjoyed convenient indoor toilets, with the contents regularly transported to the stately mansion's surrounding moat, according to a recent excavation. The dig also found that the