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Model of lost Tudor palace built

A model of Henry VIII's lost Nonsuch Palace has been created, based upon over 50 years worth of research. Prof Biddle said: "From the start it was Henry's evident intention to celebrate the birth of long awaited male heir by building a house without equal." "With the plan established, it is possible

Original model for Michelangelo’s Pieta found

An art historian has claimed to have found the original model created by Michelangelo for his Pieta statue in St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. The terracotta model, which is about 12 inches tall and dates from the late 1400s, was found in a mouldy box in an antiques shop

The use of 3D-printing in archaeology

Some archaeologists are using 3D-Printing technology to create 3D models of ancient buildings. They're excavating an ancient Roman amphitheater and surrounding structures, carefully recording locations and dimensions of the buried buildings. Back at the lab, they transform the field survey results into 3D models, which are then printed and positioned to