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Ancient Turkish Monument Discovered in Mongolia

Ancient Turkish Monument

Ancient Turkish Monument Discovered in Mongolia OSAKA, JAPAN—In eastern Mongolia, archaeologists led by Takashi Osawa of Osaka University have uncovered a mid-eighth-century tomb surrounded by 14 stone pillars, according to a report in the International Business Times. Turkic runes inscribed on the pillars indicate the deceased was a viceroy and high-ranking

Genghis Khan’s fortress unearthed in Mongolia

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the remains of a 13th-century fortress built for Genghis Khan. The researchers surveyed ruins about 880 kilometers west of Ulan Bator in 2001 and found that geographical features around them were similar to the landscape depicted in a travel book written by a medieval Chinese Taoism

Lost section of Great Wall of China found using Google Earth

What may be a newly discovered section of the Great Wall of China has been spotted in Mongolia by researchers using Google Earth. At times seeking out topographic clues seen in Google Earth—the wall is visible on satellite images—the team located two well preserved but contrasting stretches of wall. One section had

Two prehistoric villages found in Mongolia

The remains of two 5,000-year-old villages have been found in Mongolia. he archaeologistsin north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region found the ruins in Hamin'aile Village, of Horqin Left-wing Middle Banner (County). The remains were identified in the spring as possibly originating from Hongshan Culture, dating back 5,000 years, said Ji

Help find the tomb of Genghis Khan

Wired has posted an interesting article on how you can help in the search for Genghis Khan's tomb by studying satellite imagery from the comfort of your own home. By combining the use of high tech tools and crowdsourcing, their small team of explorers, led by Albert Lin, turns into

Mongolian tomb contains skeleton of western man

A 2,000-year-old tomb found in eastern Mongolia contains the remains of a man of multi-ethnic heritage. Dead men can indeed tell tales, but they speak in a whispered double helix. Consider an older gentleman whose skeleton lay in one of more than 200 tombs recently excavated at a 2,000-year-old cemetery in eastern

Mongolians finally destroy a section of the Great Wall of China

2,000 years after it was built to keep out their ancestors, Mongolian have finally destroyed a section of the Great Wall of China. Around 300 feet of the wall in a remote part of Inner Mongolia has been irreparably damaged by Mongolian gold prospectors. "We discovered what had happened a couple of

The search for the tomb of Genghis Khan

The search for the tomb of Genghis Khan continues in Mongolia. According to legend, when Genghis Khan died in 1227 in what is now northern China, his lieutenants wanted to keep the death a secret from the Mongols’ enemies. So as the party accompanying his body made its way back to