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5th-century monks’ complex found in Egypt

An ancient settlement that may have been used by monks has been found in Minya, Egypt. Gamal El-Semestawi, director-general of Antiquities of Middle Egypt, explains that the rock-hewn tombs are composed of a collection of burial chambers that are 50x70 metres in total. The residential area is 100x130 metres in size and

Monks graves found at Fountains Abbey

Ground-penetrating radar has been employed to find 500 graves at Fountains Abbey in England. More than 500 graves of Cistercian monks and lay brothers have been discovered at one of the largest monastic ruins in the country. Experts have used ground-penetrating radar to make the find at Fountains Abbey near Ripon in

Mummified monk found inside 1000-year-old Buddha statue

The skeletal remains of a monk have been found inside a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue in the Drent Museum in the Netherlands. Sitting in the lotus position, the mummy fits within the statue perfectly. "On the outside, it looks like a large statue of Buddha," the museum said in a release. "Scan research

Byzantine monks used asbestos beneath wall paintings

Byzantine monks used asbestos in the plaster coatings underneath their wall paintings, hundreds of years before the material became ubiquitous in construction. Asbestos is a type of natural, rock-forming mineral known for its ability to separate into long, flexible fibers. It has long been thought that asbestos fibers, which are corrosion-

Ancient Irish texts aid climate researchers

Researchers looking at the impact of volcanic activity on the climate over a 1,200 year period have studied ancient Irish texts written by monks who recorded significant events such as descriptions of extreme cold and heat. These chronicles are generally known as the Irish Annals and in this report, scientists and

Byzantine monks were unable to resist temptation

Despite the fact that they were only supposed to subsist off of foods such as bread, water and the occasional fruits and vegetables, an analysis performed on the remains of 6th century monks who lived in Jerusalem has found that many of the monks ate a lot of animal proteins. The

Remains of ancient monks to be reburied

The remains of nine bodies, uncovered at Eynsham Abbey in England in the 1980s and 90s and kept in a storeroom since then, are set to be reburied. Father Martin Flatman, of St Peter’s Church, in Abbey Street, Eynsham, said: “When I found out these bodies were still in a storeroom