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18th-century tannery unearthed in Montreal

A tannery dating back to the 18th-century has been unearthed during construction in Montreal. Monday's discovery comes about a year after archaeologists found dozens of 18th century artifacts, including bottles and leather-working tools. Dinu Bumbaru, policy director with Heritage Montreal, says that at the time, the area was an important area for

18th-century village found in Montreal

Construction crews working in Montreal have uncovered the 18th-century village of Sait-Henri-des-Tanneries. Until now, most of what was known about the village came from historical records. But the new dig has given archaeologists a rare opportunity to see first-hand how Montrealers lived more than 200 years ago. In particular, the site has

Three skeletons found at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal

The skeletons of two adults and one teenager have been unearthed at the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. "From their bones and teeth we can determine their sex, age and size," said bio-archeologist Gerard Gagne. The discoveries come thanks to excavation work carried out by Bell to lay new lines in front