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Early Mosche Temple found in Peru

A small Mosche temple has been found on a mountain in northern Peru. The temple is thought to date from between 1700 and 1800. To Walter Alva, Director of the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, it must have preceded big sanctuaries of administrative centers belonging to the peak of Moche culture.

Human sacrifice remains at Peruvian temple belong to war captives

Analysis of the remains of human sacrificial victims found at an ancient Peruvian temple suggest that they were prisoners of war. Roughly 70 sacrifice victims have been found there so far—an indication of frequent human offerings. That alone suggests the slaughter of captured warriors rather than rare killings of elites to

Remains of sacrificial victim found at Moche Temple

The remains of a sacrificed woman have been found underneath a ceremonial courtyard at the Moche temple of Cao Viejo in Peru. The archaeologist in charge of excavating the complex, Regulo Franco, said "it came as quite a surprise to find a woman, and even more to see she was buried