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Burkina Faso mounds undergo investigation

A team of archaeologists is investigating archaeological sites in Burkina Faso. Some of the oldest known traces of settlements known to date in the region, as well as new information on the Kurumba community - these the biggest successes of this year's Polish first archaeological research in Burkina Faso in West

Neolithic tomb examined in Spain

Researchers have completed their examination of a 6,000-year-old Megalithic mound found near Burgos, Spain. The collective graves of the Neolithic period were made mostly of stone and were large enough to hold many bodies in a communal space. The megalithic tomb in Alto de Reinoso, Burgos differs from this in only

Looters raid Thracian mound in Bulgaria

Looters in Bulgaria have raided an ancient Thracian burial mound in southern Bulgaria ahead of planned excavations. At least one of the Ancient Thracian burial mounds (tumuli) in the southern Bulgarian town of Tatarevo, Plovdiv District, which are soon supposed to be excavated by the Director of the Plovdiv Museum of

2,000-year-old mound undergoes excavation in Ohio

A mound dating back 2,000 years is currently undergoing excavation in Ohio ahead of construction for a new shopping mall. "Before 2008, it was a bump around 2 1/2 feet tall and quite easy to see," Burks said. "It was known by many but, for some reason, wasn't reported. Many mounds

Viking feasting hall found in Sweden

Archaeologists working in Sweden has located the foundation of a Viking feasting hall. The Aska barrow, where the hall has been found, was long seen as a burial mound. But archaeologists have now revealed that it is a foundation platform for a large building, most likely dating from the Viking Period.

4,000-year-old burial mounds destroyed by looters in Denmark

Police are investigating the damage done to four ancient burials sites in Denmark that date back 4,000 years. Lars Bjarke Christensen, an archaeologist from the Culture Ministry, is gutted over the theft and the loss of Danish history. ”It's a disaster. The grave robbers have ruined part of Denmark's history,” Christensen told

Vandals desecrate 1,000-year-old Serpent Mound

Officials are looking to lay down charges against vandals who buried New Age orgonites, shiny objects made of resin, quartz crystals and aluminum foil, at the Native American Serpent Mound in Ohio. Orgonites are crafted from metal filings, such as aluminum, and quartz crystals, cast in a resin base, often in