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Ancient city preserved beneath mud

Some archaeologists believe that the ancient city of Myra in Turkey, which was buried beneath 18 feet of mud 700 years ago, may be well-preserved. Archaeologists first detected the ancient city in 2009 using ground-penetrating radar that revealed anomalies whose shape and size suggested walls and buildings. Over the next two

Ice Age virus found in cave mud

A 20-year-old student has found an ancient ice age virus in a glacial cave in Indiana. Further analysis proved to be even more remarkable. Lurking in the dank sample of cave mud she collected was a virus previously unknown to science — a bacteriophage that attacks bacteria from the same family

Trampling animals alter Stone Age sites

A new study out of India suggests that animals like water buffalo and goats can have a significant impact on water-saturated archaeological sites. In seeking to understand how much artifacts can be disturbed, the new study documented how animal trampling in a water-saturated area can result in an alarming amount

7,000-year-old oar found in South Korea

A 7,000-year-old oar, found preserved in mud, has been found in Southeast of Seoul in South Korea. The oar, which was found intact in its entirety, is 1.81 metres (nearly six feet) long."The oar was well preserved because fine mud layers completely blocked oxygen from decaying it," Yoon said.It was