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Mummified forest found on arctic island

An ancient mummified forest, buried in a landslide millions of years ago, has been found in the Canadian arctic on a treeless island. The forest was discovered recently by a research team who'd heard a surprising story from rangers in Quttinirpaaq National Park. The park is located onEllesmere Island (see

15th century dog mummies discovered in Peru

Six mummified dogs dating back to the 15th century have been found at a pre-Columbian site south of Lima, Peru. The dogs "have hair and complete teeth," said Jesus Holguin, an archaeologist at the museum in Pachacamac, located some 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of Lima. Holguin told AFP Wednesday

Who killed Ötzi the Iceman?

Ötzi the Iceman was murdered 5,300-years-ago. Since the discovery of his well-preserved body nearly twenty years ago, archaeologists have been piecing together a detailed picture of his life and death. First detected by x-ray in 2001, the severity of the injury it caused had been debated - but a full

Mummy’s mysterious packet not an offering to the gods

Imaging performed on an Egyptian mummy with a mysterious packet inside of her has revealed that it was not an offering to the gods as had been hypothisized. Previous tests led to speculation that the packet was a bird mummy something researchers said would be an unusual and exciting find but

Why do mummies look like they are screaming?

Pain and agony are written onto the faces of mummies found world-wide, their mouths agape as if frozen mid-scream. Now one researcher has unlocked the reason why. "This temporo-mandibular joint is fairly loose.... Unlike the tight ball-and-socket linking the leg and the hip, the jaw and cranium are held together only