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900-year-old murals discovered in China

A 900-year-old tomb adorned with murals has been found in northern China. The colorful murals are largely painted on a white background. The upper part features acts of filial piety, said Zhang Guanghui, a research fellow with Shanxi provincial archaeological research institute. Beneath, the murals depict people working and cooking. Flanking the

Decorative murals found in Chinese tomb

A 1,000-year-old tomb, complete with decorate murals depicting daily life in the area, has been found in northern China. Found not far from a modern day railway station, the circular tomb has no human remains but instead has murals which show vivid scenes of life. "The tomb murals mainly depict the

Ancient “mural tomb” discovered in China

A well-preserved tomb dating back 1,500 years and richly decorated in colourful murals has been uncovered in China. The domed tomb's murals, whose original colors are largely preserved, was discovered in Shuozhou City, about 200 miles (330 kilometers) southwest of Beijing. Researchers estimate that the murals cover an area of about

Decorated Ming Dynasty tomb unearthed in China

A Ming Dynasty tomb decorated with religious murals has been unearthed in Jiangxi Province, China. The tomb has not been damaged by thieves or vandals, but most of the murals are in poor condition, except for some well-preserved paintings covering 0.5 square meters on the eastern wall, state-run news agency Xinhua

Maya mural found in family kitchen

A man renovating his house in Guatemala discovered an ancient Maya mural beneath the plaster in his kitchen. The paintings depict figures in procession, wearing a mix of traditional Maya and Spanish garb. Some may be holding human hearts, said ?ra?ka, who was working on the other side of Guatemala when

Christian tomb with Lazarus murals found in Bulgaria

An ancient Christian burial, complete with murals, has been unearthed in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. The archaeological find, provisionally dated 4th c. AD, is part of the southern necropolis of ancient Philippopolis and measures 1 by 2 metres. Its two large walls are covered with a depiction of the Resurrection of

The search for a lost Da Vinci painting

Leonardo Da Vinci seems to be showing up in a lot of fictional mysteries, but this time it's real: Researchers believe a Da Vinci painting may be hidden behind a mural in Florence, Italy. Their goal was to solve one of art history’s greatest mysteries - whether Vasari preserved a long-lost

Mural of three people found in Peru

A mural depicting three people adorned with feathers has been uncovered at the Ucupe Palace in Peru. The discovery was made after a group of archaeologists resumed preservation and maintenance works at the archaeological complex located 39 kilometers (24 miles) from the city of Chiclayo. Finds were presented to the press by