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Islamic settlement uncovered in Qatar

An Islamic settlement, buried for 125 years, has been uncovered in Qatar. Dr Andrew Petersen first became aware of a possible settlement after finding masonry and pottery at Ras Al-Sharig in Qatar. He thought something might be there after reading sources naming a town called Rubayqa. "But we certainly weren't

1,100-year-old Arabic inscription found in Jerusalem

An ancient plaque featuring an Arabic inscription is offering insight into Jerusalem's history under Muslim rule. A home renovation in Jerusalem's Old City has yielded a rare Arabic inscription offering insight into the city's history under Muslim rule, Israeli archaeologists said Wednesday. The fragment of a 1,100-year-old plaque is

7th century village found in Saudi Arabia

A village dating back to the 7th century has been fuond in Saudi Arabia near the Arabian Gulf. “This is an elaborate village compound. So far, we have discovered about 20 houses. We hope to discover more. These are separate houses, and each house has four to five rooms. What is

Muslim shrines bear witness to Iraq’s Jews

60 years ago nearly all the Jewish community left Iraq, but not without leaving behind traces of their culture. In the little town of Kifl, south of Baghdad, the shrine of Ezekiel -- the prophet who followed the Jews into Babylonian exile in the 6th century BC -- has long been