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Monastery discovered beneath 18th century Thai King’s tomb

The remains of a monastery have been found beneath the tom of King Uthumphon in Mandalay, Myanmar. Mickey Heart, a historian who leads the excavation team, said the foundations show the monastery building was about 18 meters wide, while the monastery compound was about five acres. “We still can’t say exactly which

Rain damages ancient pagodas in Myanmar

Heavy rain in Myanmar has damaged a number of ancient Buddhist pagodas. “We started renovation on the morning of October 21 when the rain slowed down. We will work on it as quickly as possible to restore the damage,” he said. “We were in the middle of planning a long-term project to

Ancient town discovered in Myanmar

Parts of a religious building and a wall that encircled a town dating back to 100 B.C. have been found in Myanmar. The town remnants were found after an excavation in two sites in Wadee in central Myanmar during July-August this year, Xinhua reported citing the official daily New Light

Ancient spy boat found in Myanmar

A  300-400 year old spy boat has been found by locals in Myanmar. Found by local people when they were digging a water pond in the area on May 28, the ancient boat is assessed to have been buried there 300 to 400 years ago's Mrauk Oo era. The boat, which extends as

2,300-year-old pagoda collapses in Myanmar

An ancient Burmese temple has collapsed in Myanmar during restoration efforts, killing at least two people. The tall, bell-shaped structure, called a stupa, collapsed because of age and deterioration, said a temple official, Tin Tin Win. Damage to the Danok temple was detected in 2006. Tin Shwe said most of the victims