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Mycenaean palace complex excavated at Laconia

Excavations at Laconia in Greece have led to the discovery of a Mycenaean palace complex which dates back to the 14-15th centuries B.C. The fire that destroyed the complex is also believed to have preserved a sanctuary, which has yielded valuable evidence such as clay and ivory idols, decorative objects and

Portable grills used to cook at ancient Greek picnics

New cooking experiments suggest that ancient Greeks used portable grills to cook souvlaki and non-stick pans to make bread. The souvlaki trays were rectangular ceramic pans that sat underneath skewers of meat. Scientists weren't sure whether these trays would have been placed directly over a fire, catching fat drippings from the

3,500-year-old Mycenaean tombs found in Turkey

Ancient Mycenaean tombs, dating back 3,500 years, have been unearthed in Bodrum, Turkey. Speaking to the press, Professor Yusuf Boysal, the supervisor of the excavations, said his team so far has found the remains of several tombs, a canteen, a three-handled cup, a jug, a bronze razor, animals' bones, many pieces

Heavy rain uncovers Mycenaean cemetery in Greece

Heavy rainfall has uncovered five Mycenaean tombs in Soha, Greece. Five box-shaped Mycenaean era tombs were unearthed in Soha, near Vaskina village, some ten kilometers northwest of Leonidio, by recent heavy rainfall. The most impressive of the funerary gifts found in the graves were several clay sympotic vases. According to archaeologists, the finds dating

Mycenaean fortress unearthed in Cyprus

A Mycenaean fortress has been uncovered at the ancient city of Bamboula in Cyprus. Clues to the function of the structure were clear to Walberg. "It's quite clear that it is a fortress because of the widths and strengths of the walls. No house wall from that period would have that