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Slippers belonging to Napoleon’s sister found

A tiny pair of shoes made out of silk and leather that were found in the collections of the University of Aberdeen may have belonged to Napoleon's sister, Princess Pauline Borghese. The narrow silk and leather shoes, which measured just 1.5 inches (40 millimeters) across the toes and about 4 inches

Lock of Napoleon’s hair sold at auction

A lock of hair from French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte has been sold at auction for over $13,000. The hair, cut from his head after he died in exile in 1821 on the Atlantic island of St Helena, was bought by an unnamed London collector. Bidders vied for about 40 items

How did Napoleon’s hair turn up in Sydney?

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted an article about the mystery of how thirty strands of Napoleon's hair ended up in Sydney, Australia. Genetic testing has never been carried out, but there are two historical facts in its favour. Firstly, that Napoleon's head was shorn in the moments after

Napoleon Bonaparte’s chair up for sale

The chair that Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have sat on before his army was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo is set to hit the auction block. The diminutive French dictator is said to have rested on the unremarkable, small wooden seat in 1815 at Courcelles in Belgium, 22 miles

Napoleon Bonaparte’s romance novella to be released in English

The first English version of Napoleon Bonaparte's romantic novella, Clisson et Eugénie, is due out in bookstores this fall. The manuscript was written when he was an ambitious young soldier aged 26, shortly before he made his name by smashing a royalist coup in Paris in 1795. It tells the story