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Remains of Napeoleon’s troops unearthed in Germany

The remains of 200 of Napoleon's soldiers who died in 1813 have been unearthed during a construction project in Frankfurt. “We estimate that about 200 people were buried here,” Olaf Cunitz, the city’s head of town planning, said on Thursday, talking at the site in Frankfurt’s western Rödelheim district. He said

200-year-old remains of soldier found on Waterloo battlefield

The remains of a young man, killed during the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, has been found, complete with a musket ball in his ribs. "You can almost see him dying," Belgian archeologist Dominique Bosquet said of the skeleton, lying on its back with the spherical musket bullet that felled the

Remains of Napoleonic soldiers found in Poland

The remains of 350 people have been found in a forgotten graveyeard in northern Poland. “Analysis of the bones of several men buried there shows changes characteristic of people who rode on horseback for much of their lives,” archaeologist Hubert Augustyniak told the Polish Press Agency. About half of those buried were

How did Napoleon’s hair turn up in Sydney?

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted an article about the mystery of how thirty strands of Napoleon's hair ended up in Sydney, Australia. Genetic testing has never been carried out, but there are two historical facts in its favour. Firstly, that Napoleon's head was shorn in the moments after

Historical smear campaigns

Cracked has compiled a list of six 'facts' about historic figures that their enemies made up. I still hear a few of these often, such as Napoleon being extremely short, and J. Edgar Hoover being a transvestite. The truth is like Silly Putty: you can stretch it, mold it and use