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Wooden tablet with multiplication sums found in Japan

A wooden tablet etched with multiplication sums, dating back to the late Nara Period (710-784), has been unearthed in Nara, Japan. It is believed that the wooden tablet, or "mokkan," was used by an official for times table practice."The characters are not that tidy, and it was probably used by

Remains 3rd century Queen Himiko’s palace found in Japan

What may be the remains of Queen Himiko's palace have been found in Nara, Japan. This photo taken Nov. 5, 2009, shows remains of a building structure (inside white borders at bottom) dating back to the early third century in western Japan's Nara Prefecture which could be a palace of legendary

Red-coloured Yamato dynasty tomb found in Japan

A red-coloured tomb dating back to the late third to early fourth centuries has been found in Nara, Japan. The tomb is believed to be that of a nobleman in the early years of the Yamato dynasty, which ruled major parts of Japan from the third to seventh centuries. The walls of

Shards from ancient vase found in Japan

Shards belonging to an 8th century vase have been unearthed in Nara, Japan. Kanazawa University archaeology Professor Tatsuo Sasaki said the vase shards found at the former location of the Heijokyo palace were proof Nara once played a role in the extensive international trading route known as the Silk Road of