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National Geographic’s 10 most viewed archaeology stories

The National Geographic website is one which I visit everyday in my quest to bring you all the latest history news and now they have posted ten of their most viewed archaeology stories for your reading pleasure. Pharaoh's Secret Tunnel Explore"Time Capsule" Hut RevealedTitanic Falling Apart12 Ancient Landmarks VanishingKing Tut

Close-up: Prehistoric cave art of Niaux

National Geographic has posted a cool Gigapan image (stitched together from 100 individual photographs) allowing you to view the 14,000-year-old cave art of Niaux in France. Deep in the mountainside near the Ariege river in France, ghostly images of long ago still dance across the rock walls of tunnels, overhangs,

Top ten dinosaur and fossil finds of 2009

National Geographic has compiled a list of their top ten most popular palaeontology stories of the year. 10. Biggest Trilobite Sea Beasts Found ... in Swarms The "remarkable," yard-long, horseshoe crab-like arthropods roamed in swarms of up to a thousand animals, a May study suggests.9. "Lost World" of Dinosaurs Survived Mass

Top ten archaeology finds of 2009

National Geographic has compiled a list of the top ten archaeology finds of 2009. 10. "Extraordinary" Ancient Skeletons Found Several graves dating as far back as the early Stone Age—complete with the dog-tooth jewelry and sitting woman seen in these pictures—were discovered during extensive digs in central Germany, archaeologists announced this fall. 9.