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Viking sunstone legend may be real

There is an old Viking legend which tells of a glowing stone that could identify the location of the sun on a cloudy day when it was held up to the sky. Now researchers are beginning to wonder if Iceland spar may be that stone. One Icelandic saga describes how, during

Vikings navigated the seas with sunstone crystals

Vikings may have navigated the seas in bad weather by using a "sunstone" crystal which could pinpoint the sun's location behind clouds and fog. In the 1960s, Danish archaeologist Thorkild Ramskou suggested that the Vikings used a sunstone to filter the sunlight so that it all had the same polarization, or

Prehistoric man ‘used crude sat nav’

Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a complex network of hilltop monuments. New research suggests that they were built on a connecting grid of isosceles triangles that 'point' to the next site. Many are 100 miles or more away, but GPS co-ordinates show all are accurate to within 100 metres. This