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What it was like in Nelson’s navy (spoilers: not great)

An examination of 340 skeletons has revealed what it was like to be a sailor in Nelson's navy. It was pretty grim. The bones, excavated from sites in Greenwich, Gosport and Plymouth, also found that more than six per cent of sailors in Nelson's navy, were amputees, many of whom died

Did the Romans reach Brazil?

The New York Times posted an article about a dispute between the Bazilian Navy and Robert Marx, a marine archaeologist, who is claiming that the government has tried to cover up underwater evidence that proves the Romans reached Brazil. Mr. Marx, who has long sought to prove that other sailors reached

100 shipwrecks located off coast of Spain

100 possible shipwrecks have been found by Sapnish Navy vessels looking for sunken treasure. Spanish Navy vessels looking for sunken treasure off the country's coast have found around 100 possible shipwrecks in the first fruit of a drive to protect Spain's historical heritage from private salvagers seeking gold and other

18-19th century naval medical records released

The National Archives have release naval doctor's records dating from 1793 to 1880. Among them are described 7ft parasitic worms and the first documented case of a hermaphrodite. One passenger was 12-year-old Ellen McCarthy, who was on board the Elizabeth sailing from Cork, Ireland, to Quebec, Canada, in June 1825

WWII navy aircraft wreckage found in Oregon forest

The wreckage of a WWII-era Navy aircraft was discovered by loggers in an Oregon forest. nvestigators were initially concerned that there might be unexploded bombs or bullets on the site, but a search by Oregon State Police bomb technicians turned up no obvious signs of any unexploded ordnance, Hughes said.

Lord Nelson returned to work 30 minutes after losing arm

Half an hour after his arm was amputated, Lord Horatio Nelson was issuing orders to his men. It is claimed that within 30 minutes of having his right arm cut off, Nelson was again issuing orders to his men. He had been hit in the right arm by a musket ball

Studying WWII Shipwrecks in the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’

Researchers are on a three-week expedition to study the WWII shipwrecks from the Battle of the Atlantic, sunk in 1942 in a region off North Carolina known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". The region off North Carolina is home to includes vessels from U.S. and British naval fleets, merchant ships