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New geoglyphs discovered in Nazca, Peru

3D scanning technology has been used to reveal 24 additional geogylphs in Nazca, Peru, some of which date back between 400-200 B.C. Most of the lines are heavily eroded, making them difficult to make out with the naked eye, but the researchers used equipment including a 3-D scanner to sketch out

New geoglyphs found in Nazca desert

Sandstorms have exposed what are believed to be previously unknown geoglyphs in Peru's Nazca desert. The newly revealed figures discovered by de la Torre are of a snake (approximately 196 feet in length), a bird, a camelid (perhaps a llama) and some zig-zag lines. They are actually on some hills in

New geoglyphs found in Nazca, Peru

Researchers believe they may have found two new geoglyphs in Peru's Nazca province. The new geoglyphs depict a human head and an animal figure that the researchers have yet to identify, state news agency Andina reported. According to the archaeology faculty chief at Yamagata, Yoichi Watanabe, the drawing of the human

Logging caused Nazca civilization collapse

Archaeologists have found that one reason for the demise of the Nazca civilization in Peru was due to logging. The Nazca are famous for creating complex line drawings that can only be seen from the air in the Nazca desert, Peru 400km south of Lima. They were created between 500BC and 500AD