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Nazi detention camp trash pit excavated

January 16th, 2012 | by Sevaan Franks

Archaeologists in the Netherlands have excavated the trash pit of Westerbork, a WWII Nazi detention camp, and interviewed one of

Interview with Goebbels’ secretary

August 30th, 2011 | by Sevaan Franks

The former secretary of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, has broken her vow of silence in an interview with Germany’s

Mysterious Nazi photographer identified

June 22nd, 2011 | by Sevaan Franks

This morning a German website posted up an interesting gallery of Nazi photographs, some showing POWs and others featuring the

Nazis tried to teach dogs to talk

May 24th, 2011 | by Sevaan Franks

New research has revealed the the Nazis invested a lot of time and effort into teaching dogs to talk. The

WWII aerial photos lead to Nazi gold

May 9th, 2011 | by Sevaan Franks

By studying RAF surveillance photos shot over Germany during WWII, historians believe they may have located an underground complex full

Nazi soldiers were given crystal meth

April 4th, 2011 | by Sevaan Franks

A new study has revealed that Nazi soldiers were given methamphetamine to help them fight longer and harder. The drug,

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