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DNA identifies new kind of ancient human

The analysis of DNA from a finger bone unearthed in Siberia is neither human not Neanderthal. It is a new kind of extinct hominin that lived in Central Asian between 48,000 and 30,000 years ago. An international team has sequenced genetic material from the fossil showing that it is distinct

Early humans may have butchered and eaten Neanderthals

Early humans and Neanderthals may have clashed violently during their brief coexistence, and humans may have either eaten their Neanderthal opponents or taken their teeth as trophies. Anthropologist Fernando Rozzi and his colleagues conducted a new analysis of a jawbone found in a cave in southwest France. They say that the

Neanderthals babies didn’t rotate when being birthed

Modern human babies have to rotate in order to fit their heads through the birth canal, but apparently, thanks to a reconstruction of a Neanderthal woman's pelvis, we now know that Neanderthal babies don't do the twist. The two researchers were able to refit the pieces of the pubis, ischium, and