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Ancient necropolis unearthed in Bulgaria

An ancient necropolis containing six family tombs and 20 pit burials has been found in Bulgaria. The family tombs appear to have been damaged during construction work in the 1950s and 1960s. Yulian Meshekov, leader of the archaeological excavations, said that the tombs were cut practically at foundation level, with little of

Roman necropolis found in Croatia

Parking lot construction in Croatia has led to the discovery on a Roman-era necropolis. While they were expanding the parking lot, workers uncovered a number of graves along the northern and eastern side of the foundations, and even though some of them were damaged due to construction works, thanks to the

Thracian necropolis excavated in Bulgaria

A 3,000-year-old necropolis is undergoing excavation after being discovered along the route of the Bulgaria-Servia Gas Interconnector in Western Bulgaria. The newly discovered Ancient Thracian necropolis dates back to 1400-1000 BC, lead archaeologist Assist. Prof. Dr. Borislav Borislavov from the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of

2,000-year-old Polish skeletons to undergo analysis

More than 120 skeletons recovered from a Roman-period necropolis in Poland are set to undergo analysis to determine things like their diets and origins. The biggest surprise for the researchers was finding two gigantic tombs - the largest from this period known to date in Kujawy, which were hailed "princely graves".

1650-year-old remains of woman with deformed skull found in France

The remains of an elite woman who died 1650 years ago has been found in a necropolis in France. What’s interesting is that her skull had been flattened during childhood. "The deformation of the skull with the help of bandages (narrow strips of cloth) and small boards is a practice coming

Warrior’s tomb found in Russian necropolis

Archaeologists working in a necropolis Russia have found the grave of a warrior laid to rest in a tomb filled with ancient treasures. Hidden in a necropolis situated high in the mountains of the Caucasus in Russia, researchers have discovered the grave of a male warrior laid to rest with gold

Ancient necropolis uncovered in Bulgaria

Archaeological excavations ahead of a planned gas line in Bulgaria have unearthed a necropolis of more than 100 tombs. The site includes tombs from the Thracian times to the times of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. The oldest ones date from the 5th – 4th centuries B.C. Some reveal very interesting rites

Roman graves excavated in Spain

Archaeologists are excavating the Roman necropolis of Baelo Claudia in Spain. Some of the graves date back 2,000 years. Founded in the late second century B.C., Baelo Claudia lies near today's town of Tarifa at the southernmost tip of Spain, separated from Morocco by the Strait of Gibraltar. Since 2009, scientists