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Headless remains of criminal Ned Kelly to be turned over to relatives

The remains of Australian hero/criminal Ned Kelly, who killed three policemen in 1880 and famously had a stand-off where he wore home-made metal armour, will be turned over to his descendants for burial. The headless remains of Kelly, who led a gang in Victoria in the late 1800s, were identified last

Ned Kelly’s bones identified

The bones of the notorious Australian bushranger Ned Kelly have been identified in a mass grave. Scientists have used DNA from Kelly's great great nephew to identify the bushranger's bones from others in a mass prison grave. "To think a group of scientists could identify the body of a man who was

Ned Kelly’s skull to be examined

A farmer in Australia claims to have the outlaw Ned Kelly's skull. Farmer Tom Baxter, from Western Australia's remote northern Kimberley region, handed the skull to Heritage Victoria on Wednesday, symbolically marking the 129th anniversary of Kelly's hanging. Mr Baxter claims to have had the skull since it was stolen from the

Family ‘should get Ned Kelly’s remains’

The remains of 43 executed prisoners, possibly including bushranger Ned Kelly have been found at Melbourne's old Pentridge Prison, prompting discussion on what to do with the remains. The discovery of Kelly's last resting place 14 months ago by historians and Heritage Victoria archaeologists in a previously unknown gravesite in the