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19th-century can of turtle soup uncovered in the Netherlands

Construction workers digging a new railway tunnel in the city of Delft have uncovered a can of turtle soup which dates back to the 19th century. The construction workers first thought they struck gold when they found the shiny can, but it later turned out to be tin with a brass

Medieval ship surfaced from Dutch river

A 65-foot-long medieval ship has been raised from the bed of the Ijssel River in the Netherlands. The boat was likely deliberately sunk by maritime engineers more than 600 years ago in an effort to alter the flow of the Ijssel River, an offshoot of the mighty Rhine River that flows

450-year-old underground tunnels found in Netherlands

Underground passages dating back 450 years have been found in the City of Hoorn in the Netherlands. The discovery was made after heavy rainfall caused a hole in the pavement of a dead end alley. Experts are assessing whether the passage can be made accessible to the public, but it remains

Remains of British soldier found in the Netherlands

The remains of a British soldier who died during a battle in 1799 has been found in a sand dune in the Netherlands. For more than two centuries, the remains of a soldier lay undisturbed on a windy beach in the northern Netherlands. But in March 2011, birdwatchers discovered bones and metal

Medieval coins found in buried shoe

Archaeologists in the Netherlands have unearthed a shoe packed with 477 silver coins which date back between 1472 and 1592. Archaeologists say they have never before found a shoe filled with money, which ranges in dates from 1472 to 1592. On theory is that the owner of the shoe hid it

Nazi detention camp trash pit excavated

Archaeologists in the Netherlands have excavated the trash pit of Westerbork, a WWII Nazi detention camp, and interviewed one of the people who survived the camp about seeing some of the recovered artifacts. Micha Schliesser picks the undamaged lid of a butter dish out of one of the boxes with excavated

Prehistoric leftovers found

Nearly 8,000-year-old BBQ leftovers have been found in the Netherlands. Stone Age barbecue consumers first went for the bone marrow and then for the ribs, suggest the leftovers of an outdoor 7,700-year-old meaty feast described in the July issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science. The remains, found in the valley of