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Temple-shaped New Kingdom tomb found at Saqqara

A New Kingdom tomb dating back to 1100 B.C. has been found at Saqqara in Egypt. Archaeologists from Cairo University stumbled upon what is believed to be the tomb of Paser – Egypt’s royal ambassador to foreign countries during the late Ramesside period as well as the army archives holder. The tomb

New Kingdom tombs found on Nile river island

Four rock-cut tombs dating back to the New Kingdom period in Egypt have been found on Elephantine Island in the Nile. East Aswan inhabitants have accidentally stumbled upon what is believed to be a set of rock-hewn tombs on Elephantine Island, which displays a wide range of monuments from the prehistoric

Radiocarbon dating used to verify Egyptian chronology

Radiocarbon dating has proved that the chronology of the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms is correct. The researchers dated seeds found in pharaohs' tombs, including some from the tomb of the King Tutankhamun. They write in the journal Science that some of the samples are more than 4,500 years old.