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Infrared drone detects New Mexico ruins

Infrared sensors attached to a remote-controlled drone have been used to identify nearly 60 households that make up the 11th century Puebloan Blue J community. The features revealed by the copter — or drone, as they call it — may reshape archaeologists’ understanding of the size, scope, and cultural affiliations of

Prehistoric structure and tools found in New Mexico

Archaeologists in New Mexico have discovered prehistoric tools and a structure used by an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer society. "For thousands of years, our ancestors, the ancestors of this area, subsisted this way," Lentz said recently as he crouched next to a section of earth a few feet deep that had been

Ancient skull dug up in New Mexico yard

A man digging in his yard in Santa Clara, New Mexico has uncovered ancient human remains. On Friday, a resident of Cleveland Street in Santa Clara was building forms to pour concrete to build an addition to his home when he struck something hard while digging and started to dig

Remains of 3 Buffalo Soldiers identified

Archaeologists have identified the remains of three Buffalo Soldiers buried in the desert in New Mexico. With some investigating and modern forensics, government archaeologists excavated the remains and identified them as Army Pvts. Thomas Smith, David Ford and Levi Morris. They were among the famed Buffalo Soldiers, African-American members of the

Searching for the secrets to Navajos smoke signals

Archaeologists and volunteers are fanning out over part of New Mexico to study how early Navajos may have used smoke signals to warn against invaders. The sites in the area where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah meet feature the remains of what were once formidable structures made of stacked sandstone.