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Colonial-era artifacts found in New York City

Construction workers in Lower Manhattan have uncovered a collection of artifacts from the 18th century, including a gun flint, pipes and broken bottles. "Any time you can actually see things lying in the ground or just coming out of the ground, that are in its natural state and are period artifacts,

Rare 1770 map of New York City found and restored

A rare map of New York City, found in a pile of rolled up documents from the Brooklyn Historical Society has been restored. “You could hear it rip,” said Ms. Hansen, 29, still cringing at the memory. She stopped pulling. But enough of the map, browned with age and dry and

Zahi Hawass expresses concern over Central Park Egyptian obelisk

Zahi Hawass, the Secretary General of The Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, has sent a concerned letter to the mayor of New York City and the president of the Central Park Conservancy to express his concern that not enough care is being given to preserve Cleopatra's Needle. I write to

19th century New York City was one dirty place

New York City's Sanitation Department's resident anthropologist has been digging back into the city's trashy past. New York City has a reputation in some quarters -- deserved or not -- as a dirty city. Have we gotten any better at cleaning up after ourselves? You have no idea. Going back

World Trader Center boat accidentally cut in half

The 18th century boat found at the World Trader Center site two weeks ago was accidentally cut in half when workmen poured a concrete wall last year. The Port Authority did not see the boat while building the wall last year because they had just dug a narrow trench and

18th century almshouse found in New York

The foundations of an alms house dating back to the 1700s has been found at New York City's City Hall. City officials yesterday reported artifacts of the poorhouse right behind City Hall, including what appears to be the original foundation sitting adjacent to a modern-day retaining wall. "It's not surprising

65,000 colonial artifacts unearthed in New York City

65,000 colonial-era artifacts have been unearthed during construction of a subway station in New York City. The goat bones and oyster shells tell us what our colonial forefathers ate. Stone jugs from Germany show where they traded, and stylish brass buckles and pointy leather shoes are a reminder that