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Stone adze uncovered in New Zealand

A Maori adze was been unearthed during construction work at the site of a golf course in New Zealand. An old M?ori tool unearthed on the ninth hole fairway at Waikanae's golf course has yet to be re-united with its traditional owners. Archaeologist Andy Dodd was on site when the adze, or

Maori settlement found in New Zealand

Remains of a Maori village have been unearthed during construction in New Zealand. Early indications were that the kainga (village) dated from 1600 to 1800 - although some could be earlier - but carbon dating shell and charcoal samples would help determine when it was occupied. Historian Buddy Mikaere, whose whakapapa (heritage)

Maori storage pits unearthed in New Zealand

More than 20 food storage pits have been uncovered by road construction on New Zealands North Island. Mr Currin said the archaeologists believed the site was used before the 1800s and would have been occupied between 200 to 400 years ago. However, the archaeologists would need to send samples for radiocarbon

Sequencing the DNA of New Zealand’s first dog

Researchers have sequenced the entire genome of the kur?, a now-extinctdog whose remains were recovered from Wairau Bar, an ancient Polynesian site in New Zealand. Kur? were smallish dogs about the size of cocker spaniels and were brought to New Zealand from East Polynesia in the colonising canoes that arrived in

Early Maori village found in New Zealand

A small Maori fishing settlement dating back to 1350 A.D. has been found in New Zealand. Furey said sites like this were becoming increasingly rare and this one was one of the oldest Maori settlements uncovered. She said there was no evidence to suggest people were in New Zealand before 1320AD. University

19th-century wells found in New Zealand capital

Four wells dating back to the 19th century have been found in Wellington, New Zealand. Several artifacts were found in them, including several porcelain doll's heads. A glass inkwell, several porcelain dolls’ heads, a china elephant with a little girl riding on top and an early ginger beer bottle are among

14th-century settlement found in New Zealand

A Polynesian settlement dating back to the 14th century has been found on New Zealand's North Island at the site of a new housing development. According to archaeologist Andrew Hoffman, the site has been identified as a Polynesian settlement from the 1300s used for cooking and gardening. It also had a