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Possible New World Viking site found in Newfoundland

A second possible New World Viking site has been found on the southwest coast of Newfoundland. “Tremendous, if it’s really true,” said William Fitzhugh, director of the Arctic Studies Center and Curator in Anthropology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington. “It wouldn’t be unexpected,” he said, but

17th-century crucifix found in Newfoundland

A copper crucifix has been found at the Colony of Avalon in Newfoundland, Canada. Archaeologist Dr. Barry Gaulton, field director of the Colony of Avalon and associate professor of archaeology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, said, “As far as artifacts go, this particular object is quite exceptional. The Catholic iconography is

130 Canadian archaeological sites threatened by erosion

130 archaeological sites in Newfoundland and Labrador are in danger due to coastal erosion. About 20 to 30 centimetres of the shore has disappeared in the last few years, and the erosion has archeologist Laurie McLean concerned. "By the time I get back here next year, this is not going to be

Evidence of previously unknown North American Viking voyage found

Two jasper fire starters found at l'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland suggests that Vikings also explored Notre Dame Bay in Newfoundland. The jasper artifacts were found L'Anse aux Meadows and the Norse explorers likely set out from that outpost. They would've headed due south, traveling some 143 miles (230 kilometers) to

Cannon site unearthed in Newfoundland

The 400-year-old remains of a cannon built to defend Canada's earliest English settlement has been found in Newfoundland. On Sept. 27, the rocky remnants of the gun base were located at a site offering "a commanding view of the river valley and harbour," said Gilbert. Notably, the stone structure appears

First English colony in Canada unearthed

The remnants of a stone wall built to defend Canada's earliest English settlement has been uncovered in Newfoundland. Buried under soil and rubble dumped by 19th-century residents of Cupids -- the Conception Bay village set to celebrate its 400th anniversary next year -- the wall was hidden until this summer within

The search for the oldest Christian site in the New World

Archaeologists in Newfoundland and Labrador are searching for the remains of a 510-year-old church; what could be the oldest Christian site in the New World. In the outline for a book she never completed, Prof. Ruddock claimed to have found documents detailing the establishment of a church at Carbonear -- the