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Road construction in Utah unearths Fremont Indian pit house

Road works in Utah's Nine Mile Canyon has unearthed a Fremont Indian pit house. The pit house Patterson's crew is excavating is the first of its kind to be found so far up Nine Mile Canyon, he said. It's also the first to be found with a burnt roof, which means

Reward offered for rock art vandals

Some idiots camping in Nine Mile Canyon decided to deface the priceless rock art there. Now a reward of up to $2,500 is being offered to capture and convict the yobs. Nine Mile Canyon is world-renowned for its high concentration of rock art sites and is often called the world’s longest

Controversy brewing over suspected cleaning of ancient rock art

An archaeologist claims that someone has been secretly cleaning a Utah tourist attraction with a high-pressure washer, damaging the world-famous rock art in Nine Mile Canyon. The biggest issue is dust from hundreds of industry vehicles. Miller says dust is obscuring many ancient artworks. "We suspect it's being damaged, but we