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The first big city in North America

Archaeologists working in Illinois have uncovered North America's first big city near the site of a new bridge to span the Mississippi. “The occupation is heavy,” says Tamira Brennan, the interim field station manager for the Illinois State Archaeological Survey in Fairview Heights. Although the scientists haven’t yet done a population

The oldest footprints in North America

Human footprints found in Mexico in 1961 have now been dated back 10,500 years, making them the oldest footprints in North America. “To my knowledge the oldest human prints previously reported in North America are around 6,000 years old, so the … prints pre-date these by some 5,000 years,” said Dr.

Marks on sloth bone suggests earlier North American settlement

Analysis of butcher marks on the bones of a 13,000-year-old sloth suggests that people migrated into Northern Ohio 700 years before the Clovis people. The discovery of what appear to be dozens of cut marks on the femur of a gargantuan, 1,300-kilogram Jefferson's ground sloth is being hailed as the earliest

Evidence against Ice Age comet strike

Researchers have compiled evidence which shows that it was unlikely that an Ice Age comet strike nearly wiped out the Clovis people and three-quarters of North America's large animals. Theories emerged that a comet may have slammed into the ice fields of eastern Canada, sufficiently altering the climate enough to

Early American skulls show the New World was settled twice

A study of the skulls of the earliest Americans, show that two distinct groups from Asia settled in the New World, not one single migration as was previously suspected. Paleoanthropologists from Brazil, Chile and Germany compared the skulls of several dozen Paleoamericans, dating back to the early days of migration

The smallest dinosaur in North America

Paleontologists have discovered the bones of the smallest dinosaur to be found in North America. The newly identified creature weighed less than two pounds and stood about 4 inches tall. From head to tail, it measured a little over 2 feet long, said Luis Chiappe, director of the Dinosaur Institute of

English led expedition to North America in 1499

A led from Henry VII may be evidence of a previously unknown expedition to North America. Dr Evan Jones, a historian at Bristol University, has discovered that a Bristol merchant, William Weston, undertook a voyage to the 'New Found Land' in 1499 just two years after Venetian explorer John Cabot 'discovered'