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Wark Castle larger than previously though

Excavations at Wark Castle, in Northumberland, England, have revealed that the medieval castle was twice as large as previously thought. It was captured by the Scottish King James IV in August 1513, prior to the meeting of his army with the English at Flodden in the September. The 10-day dig tackled a

19 cannons found off English coast

19 cannons dating back between 1670 and 1710 have been found off the coast of Northumberland, England. A team of divers are exploring 88 wrecks lost before 1840 in a bid to find the most important historic sites. Now 19 cannon, some of which were undiscovered, have been found at the Gun

Anglo-Saxon settlement found in Northumberland

The remains of an Anglo-Saxon settlement, dating between the 6th-8th centuries, has been unearthed in Northumberland, England. It comprised of at least six rectangular post-built halls - each thought to house a family unit - two buildings with sunken floors and a system of enclosures, fences and trackways.Anglo-Saxon pottery, loom

1,800-year-old murdered Roman child found

The 1,800-year-old remains of a murdered Roman child have been found during a dig at Vindolanda fort in Northumberland, England. During a dig at Vindolanda Roman fort, the skeleton of a child, aged between eight and 10, was found in a shallow pit in the corner of a barrack-room. Foul

Medieval remains found in English garden

Human remains dating back to the 13th or 14th centuries have been found in a garden in northern England. The remains, which include a skull, were found in the Fenwick area, between Matfen and Stamfordham, in February. The county council's archaeological team said the bones could be linked to