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HMS Investigator graves found

The graves of three crewmembers from the HMS Investigator have been found in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Officials estimate that the graves, which are in undisturbed condition, are about 60 metres from the Investigator cache site. "They're on the plains just coming up from the beach towards the cache

Entrepreneur selling the world’s oldest rocks

An entrepreneur in the Northwest Territories, Canada, is hoping to make a buck selling chunks of the Acasta River rock deposit, which is believed to be 3.96 billion years old. Located on an island about 300 kilometres north of the N.W.T. capital, the Acasta River rock deposit is believed to

Melting ice reveals ancient hunting tools

Melting ice in Canada's Northwest Territories has revealed a treasure trove of ancient hunting tools. "Low and behold, we found a willow bow." That discovery led to a successful application for federal International Polar Year funds which have allowed an interdisciplinary team of researchers to explore eight ice patches for