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Medieval Friary found in England

Archaeologists working in Norwich have unearthed the remains of an Augustine friary which was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1538. Human remains, coins, pottery, oyster shells, animal bones and painted glass have all been discovered by archaeologists working at St Anne’s Wharf - once the site of the 13th century Austin

Medieval tannery found in Norwich, England

Excavations at a construction site in Norwich, England, have turned up the remains of a medieval tannery. They found so many goat horncores - the bones at the centre of horns - that archaeologists think the site may have been a high-quality leather tanning works, with animal corpses brought to the

Jewish bones given ceremonial burial in Norwich

In Norwich, the remains of 17 people found in a well in 2004, victims of a 12th century religious massacre against Jewish residents of the area, have been given a ceremonial burial an "historic event". Norwich had been home to a thriving Jewish community since 1135 and many lived near the

Roman skeleton’s burial position puzzles archaeologists

The discovery of a 4th century skeleton found at the Roman town of Venta Icenorum (present-day Caistor St. Edmund, just outside of Norwich, England), is puzzling archaeologists due to the position it was buried in. “This one has been seemingly put sideways into a shallow pit and the ground surface would